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As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, we want to assure you that we are here to support you.  As many groups cannot meet in-person at this time, many have established Virtual Meetings which are noted below.  You are welcome to attend any meeting that suits your schedule, regardless of where you live.

  • Please check back here often for up-to-date information.


Although Narateen is an integral part of the Nar-Anon fellowship, Narateen is still a fairly new addition and is emerging in many regions.  The SoCal Region Narateen Committee is actively organizing a presence for Narateen within our region and we're planning on announcing new meetings very soon.   Currently, we are awaiting approval from the CA state Dept. of Justice in order to launch meetings that will adhere to all state requirements regarding volunteer organizations that involve minors.  In the meantime, teens are invited to join virtual meetings in other regions (see below)

  • Please email to join our email list for future updates.

  • ** The SoCal Narateen Committee has scheduled two Zoom conferences on Sat 9/24/22 and Wed 9/28/22 to answer any Q&A for anyone who might be interested in volunteering to be an Adult Facilitator for Narateen meetings in our area ... please CLICK HERE for more information **


Teens interested in participating in Narateen may join any of the meetings listed below, regardless of what region  you actually live in. 

  • Please note, we are not allowed to include meeting log-in information.  Teens (or their parents or guardians) must email the contact listed below in order to receive the information directly. 

  • All Narateen meetings listed on this site are compliant with the guidelines and policies established by the Nar-Anon Family Groups. If a meeting isn’t listed on this page, it is not affiliated with or sanctioned by the Nar-Anon Family Groups, and we cannot guarantee its authenticity or that they are adhering to child-safety standards. 

The table below can be sorted using the up and down arrows in any of the column headings
... or use the Search box to search for a meeting in your town or city

All times listed below are LOCAL to the region (i.e. 7:00pm EST = 4:00pm PST)


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